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    Crescimento econômico

    geo - RiverScape MetroPark Ohio buildings on river
    Crescimento econômico

    Parceria para o crescimento econômico inclusivo

    Trabalhamos com nossos parceiros para contribuir com o desenvolvimento econômico e social das comunidades. Nossos programas são focados na educação e capacitação, garantindo a diversidade, igualdade e preservação cultural.

    Group photo with a certificate
    Strengthening innovative entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic

    The AES Dominicana Foundation and The Trust for the Americas, an affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS), have partnered for the “Strengthening Innovative Entrepreneurship” program to promote and incentivize local entrepreneurship in the municipalities of Boca Chica, Guayacanes, Quisqueya, Bancos de Arena and la Malena in the Dominican Republic.

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    tech - smiling woman in hard hat with clip board and solar panels

    To promote gender equality in the organization, AES Colombia hired 111 women for the construction of the Parque Castilla Solar project, to work in various technical, operational and administrative roles during the construction process.

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    kids playing
    Cantos de Leitura

    The Cantos de Leitura Program included the implementation, renovations and adaptations of reading rooms in public schools, book donations and training for various educators on how to best use the reading rooms.

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    DPL Project Group photo
    AES Ohio Foundation Power Grants

    Power Grants are strategic investments aimed at local partner organizations supporting new or continued innovative growth initiatives that will make a long-lasting impact on the people and communities in the Dayton region. 

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    men standing in the jungle
    Café e cacau especiais sustentáveis no Vale do Tenza

    By partnering and sharing knowledge with coffee and cocoa producers, AES Colombia is empowering local producers and improving community knowledge, skills, attitude, and motivation for the management of crops.  

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    school building on a sunny day
    Centro da juventude em Galabovo

    A renovação do Centro da Juventude de Galabovo é a maior parceria público-privada do município.

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    Women in Hardhats
    AES Mujer

    AES Mujer has enabled the strengthening of the entrepreneurial culture and the consolidation of the entrepreneurial, competitive and productive skills of hundreds of Salvadoran women.

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    group of AES personnel in Puerto Rico
    Strengthening innovative entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico

    AES Puerto Rico and The Trust for the Americas implemented a program to train and strengthen the business skills of entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs to develop or expand their small businesses. 

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    pedestrian bridge
    Maintenance of roads and bridges in Colombia

    Taking into account the precarious state of roads and bridges in the region, AES supports the maintenance of roads and bridges through a joint effort with local municipalities and leaders in the communities where we operate.

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    Group of People
    Programa pulsar

    O Programa Pulsar oferece oficinas para escolas técnicas públicas e tem como foco o empreendedorismo, a sustentabilidade e metas de desenvolvimento sustentável e energia.


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