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    Solar panels Kauai Hawaii
    AES Panamá's Colón Facility
    Savings from natural gas

    Thanks to Generadora Gatún, a natural gas-based power plant which began construction this March, Panama has secured a 20-year fuel supply contract at a stable and competitive price for the market, generating savings of 20 percent compared to current market prices. This was made possible by leveraging gas from the United States, the world’s largest exporter of liquid natural gas, along with Qatar, which allows for the best price to be offered.

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    Clean Energy Team PPE
    AES accelerating the future of energy in the US

    What a magical year it has been!

    One year ago, we announced the merger of six different groups to form AES Clean Energy with the bold ambition to become one of the leaders in the US renewables market and strengthen AES’ mission of accelerating the future of energy throughout the country.

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    Accelerating the future of energy (storage), together

    Together with the Government of Chile, we made an exciting announcement today at COP26 that builds on our long-standing partnership to accelerate the future of energy storage in the country. It's an announcement that is meaningful not only because of its scale, but because it shows how collaboration allowed us to reach our shared goal of decarbonizing the country faster and with the greatest impact.

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    Unicorns are real and can heal the planet

    Fluence, AES’ energy storage and AI joint venture with Siemens, just experienced a “unicorn” IPO, so-called because of the rarity of a privately-held startup being valued at over a billion dollars. You can read more about the IPO in the press release.

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    Top 4 reasons the AES Alamitos Battery Energy Storage System paved the way for you to achieve 100% renewable energy targets

    The AES Alamitos Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a project of many firsts.

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    wind farm
    AES’ vision for a net-zero carbon future and how we’re getting there

    AES’ vision for the future is a world with net-zero carbon by 2050. The Climate Scenario Report we recently published shows that we have the vision for a net-zero future, and the strategy and energy solutions that are critical for getting there.

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    The AES Alamitos Battery Energy Storage System made history. Here’s why it matters.

    The AES Alamitos Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a project of many firsts.

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    Even better, together with solar panels and wind turbines
    Accelerating the future of energy in the US
    Today’s announcement to merge sPower with AES’ clean energy development business in the US will help us to empower our customers’ energy transitions. Both AES and sPower are recognized leaders when it comes to renewables in the US.
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    AES Presentation Stage with Chairs
    Introducing the new AES: Four ways we’re partnering with customers to transform clean energy into a business advantage
    We’re committed to a smarter, greener energy future and to helping customers of every kind, wherever they are in their energy journey. We focused our four offerings on the outcomes our customers want to see.
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    The AES heroes: Emerging from the crisis as a better company
    We at AES are a purpose-driven organization that aims to improve lives, and we have learned that through the current challenges imposed by COVID-19 we have found our sense of unity. Together, we will emerge a better company because of it.
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    AES warehouse
    AES makes new commitment to reduce our generation from coal to less than 30% by the end of 2020 and under 10% by 2030
    The future of energy depends on a responsible transition to renewables. For us, that means not only working with our customers to become one of the largest renewables solutions providers and developers in the world but also moving away from more traditional facilities. Today, we’ve accelerated this action with new goals: reduce our generation from coal to under 30% by the end of 2020 and less than 10% by 2030.
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    The sun doesn’t have to shine all the time to provide power
    Solar power after sunset is not only possible, it’s essential to a clean-energy future. The combination of solar + storage increases grid stability, enhances distribution networks and helps bring power to remote places.
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    solar panel field
    The new Solar + Storage energy project that will help Hawaii become 100% renewable
    In combining solar power with battery-based energy storage, we can harness a renewable and intermittent source of generation and convert it into safe, reliable and higher-quality power. This establishes a new model for renewable energy that we refer to as firm renewables.
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    How AES is closing the gender gap in the energy sector
    We’ve created new programs that enhance the integration of gender equality into our policies with the ultimate goal of hastening adoption, enhancing sustainability and maximizing outcomes. Specifically, we’ve committed to increasing representation of women in leadership at AES to 25 percent by 2020 and 30 percent by 2022.
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    wind power
    How we’re accelerating the cleaner energy future while capitalizing on the low-carbon economy
    Our shifting portfolio includes innovative solutions such as the green blend and extend offering, which systematically replaces coal with lower cost renewables and accelerates access to low-cost solar and wind for existing customers, while maintaining the reliability offered by the thermal assets.
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    energy storage unit
    A vision for restoring Puerto Rico’s grid
    Following a direct hit from Hurricane Maria in September, local communities are nearing three months without power and don’t expect full restoration until spring 2018. To ensure devastation of this level does not occur again, key stakeholders in Puerto Rico are rethinking how the island generates and delivers energy and how they will rebuild its electricity system for resiliency in the face of future severe weather.
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    Green Tech Icons over Wind Turbines
    An instantly scalable clean-tech, as powerful as any before it
    AI is unique and fascinating in the context of how it is applied in the power sector because the inverse is true. AI has already proven it’s scalable, sustainable and cost effective – questions three through five are answered.
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    Hurricane damage
    We are the energy. We are Puerto Rico.
    At AES Puerto Rico, we witnessed the destruction and desolation left by Maria, but we have also witnessed how our communities rise up. We are ready to repower Puerto Rico and continue to work and support recovery efforts, committed to improving lives and providing sustainable, safe and reliable energy solutions in every place we serve.
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