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    Unicorns - thank you


    Fluence, our joint venture with Siemens, just IPO'd. Keep scrolling to see what's in the "stable." 


    Fluence: from idea to unicorn to NASDAQ. 

    fluence logo

    Supercharging the global clean energy transition with energy storage


    Our insight


    Energy storage was viewed as risky, unknown technology when we first began pioneering battery storage. But, we knew it had untapped potential that was key to unlocking a 100% carbon-free future.


    How it started


    AES was the first to go big into utility-scale batteries in 2007 and built one of the world’s largest battery fleets over the next decade. Siemens is one of the world’s biggest energy and grid technology providers. We joined together in 2017 to create the industry powerhouse Fluence, dedicated to innovating modern electric infrastructure.


    How we created ecosystem magic

    Leading pure play provider of energy storage technology

    • Recognized by Edison Electric Institute for launching the global energy storage industry

    • 3.4 GW of energy storage deployed or contracted

    • 29 countries


    Join the journey to the futureFluence will continue to lead the booming energy storage industry

    • As countries look to rapidly decarbonize, energy storage demand is expected to skyrocket to 1 TWh between 2021-2030

    The Formation of Fluence

    How we became the world leader in the energy storage


    What's in the stable?

    Uplight logo

    Energizing the customer experience for utility customers


    Our insight


    The future of energy is digital and personalized. That's why we set out to create the leading digital customer energy platform in the US.


    How it started


    Six digital startups looking to scale, including Simple Energy and Tendril.


    How we created ecosystem magicUplight is the  leader in providing cloud-based customer energy solutions to reduce energy demand and improve the grid

    • 85 utilities
    • 110M+ utility customers
    • Accelerating clean energy adoption through our strategic alliance with Google

    Join the journey to the futureUplight will create the digital, personalized grid of the future

    • New products in development
    5B logo

    Accelerating the world’s transition to solar with faster, more accessible energy


    Our insight


    The world needs to rapidly transition to clean energy to create a 100% carbon-free future. 5B's flagship MAVERICK technology enables the deployment of solar 3X faster and with 2X the energy suing the same amount of land.


    How it started

    17 MW solar deployed with great partners in Australia.


    How we created ecosystem magic5B's flagship MAVERICK technology is enabling the deployment of solar 3X faster and with 2X the energy using the same amount of land

    • 52 projects, international assembly
    • Expanded into US, Latin America and India
    • Hurricane resilient designs for places like Puerto Rico

    Join the journey to the futureAs the world rapidly mobilizes to clean energy sources, there are no limits to our growth with 5B.

    • 125 MW ordered across 30 customers
    • 1 GW deployed across 9 international markets in the near-future

    Mobilizing the use of electric vehicles


    Our insight


    Transportation is the single-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and accounts for about 1/4 of global emissions.


    How it started


    The switch to electric represents one of the greatest opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicles currently make up 5% of new global car sales. That number needs to increase to 60% by 2030 to reach a net-zero future by 2050.


    How we created ecosystem magicMotor is driving the transition to EVs

    • Mobility solutions and subscription services
    • Customer adoption tools to make the process for trying an EV for the first time faster and easier than ever before
    • Managed charging to benefit the electric grid

    Join the journey to the futureThe future is electric

    Electric vehicles currently make up 5% of new global car sales. That number needs to increase to 60% by 2030 to reach a net-zero future by 2050.

    • Introducing electric car sharing for workplaces and apartment buildings
    • Online car buying service
    • Accelerating the seamless transition to EV adoption

    Fluence, Uplight, 5B and Motor are all examples of what we call Scalable ecosystems

    It’s how we take innovative partnerships to create impact far beyond what we can do on our own to accelerate the future of energy for everyone.

    scalable eco

    Dreaming of more unicorns

    Your cleaner energy future starts here. We will be in touch soon!

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