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    Energas and AES break the Dominican Republic’s reliance on oil

    geo - aerial view of tourist resort dominica
    Energas and AES break the Dominican Republic’s reliance on oil
    AES andres

    About the partnership

    Energas and AES Dominicana shared a vision for a sustainable future in the Dominican Republic by diversifying the country’s energy matrix with greener energy solutions while ensuring a strong, resilient grid. The Dominican Republic is highly reliant on oil, and as energy partners committed to the country for decades, we came together through a new joint venture, Energía Natural Dominicana (EnaDom), to transform the country’s energy matrix with natural gas and secure a cleaner, reliable, and cost-effective future. 



    About Energas

    Energas is a major electricity generator in the Dominican Republic through the 300 MW San Pedro de Macorís Electricity Company (CESPM) power plant, located in the Eastern region of the country. For decades, Energas has powered people across the Dominican Republic with reliable energy and has invested in the community through economic and social development. Energas had the vision to take the next step in their clean energy journey and transform the region with new, sustainable energy by converting their 300 MW CESPM facility from diesel generation to natural gas.  



    Why we partnered together

    Energas and AES shared a commitment to transitioning the Dominican Republic away from conventional generation and toward a greener energy mix through natural gas. Energas is responsible for a major share of electricity generation in the country and was ready to take the next step in its clean energy journey to empower the country’s greener energy transformation. Through AES Dominicana, we introduced natural gas into the country over 20 years ago, saving our customers over half a billion dollars and avoiding four million tons of CO2 emissions every year.  

    However, the Eastern region of the country where Energas’ facility is located lacked existing natural gas networks or pipelines to transport natural gas. The Dominican Republic needed a holistic infrastructure solution to strategically shift from conventional generation to natural gas.  

    Combining our respective relationships, expertise, and innovative strategies, we partnered through a new joint venture, EnaDom, to transform the country into a cleaner, more reliable energy matrix. Together, we could develop the infrastructure and delivery solutions needed to transition the country from oil to natural gas. 



    Together, our infrastructure solutions launched the country’s conversion to cleaner, natural gas.  



    US savings to the Dominican Republic over 10 years

    safe work hours 


    LNG supplies 25-30% of country’s energy matrix 


    By 2022, we expect the country to operate on 70% natural gas. 

    • EnaDom converted 750 MW oil to natural gas 
    • Expanded truck distribution network 
    • Eliminates 892,000 tons CO2 emissions annually 
    mans fingers on keyboard



    Focused on the recovery of the economy affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we used the Eastern Gas Pipeline to accelerate the interconnection of three additional natural gas units to bring stable energy to the country during a critical time.  



    “This is a very important partnership, perhaps one of the most important in the country’s energy sector in recent years, as it brings together the collective effort of companies that have made significant investments over the years, which are now being focused on more clean energy.” 

    Rolando González Bunster
    Chairman & CEO of Energas. 


    AES_DominicanRepublic-edited-1024x1024 PNG


    Looking to the future

    Our partnership to transition towards a greener and cost-effective power generation for the people of the Dominican Republic makes this project one of the highest impact projects in the country’s history of the last 20 years. 

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